The Big Leap

People often resist happiness, but controlled breathing can help us overcome this fear.

If you were to take the time to look within and uncover why you resist happiness, the answer would likely be related to fear — a fear of achieving your full potential.

Many believe they only deserve limited happiness, and they’ll sabotage themselves when times are «too» good.

The upper-limit problem will only appear if you let your guard down after a great achievement.

Improve your life by letting go of useless worries.

A great way to recognize when an upper-limit mindset is trying to sabotage your progress is to catch yourself when you start worrying — and then to question the source of the worry.

Success lies in the Zone of Genius, so find out what you love to do.

Once you discover what it is that you love to do the most, you’ll also discover how easy it is to be engaged with your work — so much so that it won’t even feel like work anymore! That’s the Zone of Genius.

Use a success mantra and the Enlightened No to stay on the right track.

Repeating a mantra is a simple form of meditation. As you repeat the words, you’ll begin to focus your attention, energy and entire mind and body on what you’re saying — all while visualizing the message and its intention.

To master time, stop complaining and don’t let problems grow.

That’s right, rather than being at the mercy of time, you can take control of it. And it all starts with taking responsibility and acknowledging that you are in charge.

Success is often accompanied by relationship problems

One significant way to improve relationships is to avoid projecting your problems onto others.
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